Home Consulate Australian Twitter has a field day after ‘NCIS: Sydney’ announcement

Australian Twitter has a field day after ‘NCIS: Sydney’ announcement


The announcement of the first international conference NCIS spin off, NCIS: Sydneycaused Twitter to have an absolute outburst of mockery.

Australians were stunned to learn that the country’s most populous city would soon host a spin-off of the hit crime procedural, and in classic Aussie fashion, they immediately pissed on it.

NCIS‘ and ‘Sydney’ aren’t the most obvious combinations, but it looks like Australians will absolutely buy into it, if only for the sheer value the series might present.

Others were quick to jump water rats comparisons, which has not been broadcast for 21 years now. Disappeared, but definitely not forgotten by the antipodes.

Of course, the other key issue is that there is no NCIS office in Sydney, other than the US Consulate. However, there is one in Perth, named after Harold Holt – a very fitting namesake for all things water.

On a much more poignant note, it was also highlighted how important it is for Australian television to stay healthy and receive massive shows like this. More work for people who need it, especially in the wake of Neighbors currently sitting on death row.

Paramount has not announced a concrete date for NCIS: Sydney yet, but the series is slated for release in 2023.