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DCCC: Update from the Royal Danish Consulate in China



The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, with its recent newsletter, gave an update of the Royal Danish Consulate in China, including some of the recent activities of Consulate General Jakob Linulf. Part of the update reads as follows:

General Consulate

Consul General Jakob Linulf met with Nantong Trade Bureau and Nantong Transportation Bureau, Coordinator of Headquarters Comprehensive Department of New Nantong Airport Construction to discuss possible cooperation between the Nantong International Airport Project. Nantong Shanghai and Denmark.

Together with the diplomatic corps, the Consul General and the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps raised CNY 60,000 for two children to undergo heart surgery at the Consuls General Charity Tennis Tournament.

Consul General Jakob Linulf visited TUS Science Park in Suzhou to participate in the signing ceremony between Odense Robotics and TUS Holding.

China Business Council, Shanghai

Consul General Jakob Linulf delivered an opening speech at the opening ceremony of the first Tempur flagship store in Shanghai.

Business Consul Jesper Halle attended the opening ceremony of the 2021 Watermelon Lantern Festival in Pinghu Zhejiang, where he had the opportunity to discuss a local interest with the local government.

Denmark Innovation Center, Shanghai

ICDK Shanghai participated in the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship summit. We invited Danish company EdTech, “Kubo Robotics” to join our booth to showcase their brilliant educational coding solution designed specifically for kids.

ICDK Shanghai, DI, ITU and DCBF organized three days of Blockchain Business Bridge Bootcamp to learn about the business and regulatory aspects of working with blockchain applications.

ICDK Shanghai also participated in the launch of the Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA). The project is an extension of the Innovation Lab Asia project and further links 200 Nordic start-ups with East Asian Venture Capital.

ICDK Shanghai participated in the consultation on the construction of the first China-Denmark-friendly child care home in Suzhou. This project aims to build a daycare center and a user-friendly facility that can serve as a demonstration house for children with disabilities.

With the Danish MARLOG cluster, ICDK participated in an online webinar on the topic “Shanghai: The World-Class Shipping Hub? which aimed to provide information on the development trends and potential of the maritime industry in the north of the Bund of Shanghai.

Finally, ICDK Shanghai also participated in the online summit on “A Greener Future: Re-Inventing Cities”, which is part of a larger collaboration between ICDK and Bloxhub.

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