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Edge Hill University awards scholarship to Preston girl for conservation work in Fylde


Haidee Bailey, 20, is passionate about conservation and fighting climate change. She is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in ecology and conservation at Edge Hill, but before she even begins her studies, she has already gained a lot of experience.

Haidee was an early member of the Reserva Youth Council: The Youth Land Trust, an international organization that established the first youth-funded nature reserve in Ecuador, preserving an area of ​​rainforest and creating a reserve for plants and animals. . She has also worked with a team of volunteers to protect the Fylde Sand Dunes, an ecologically important but endangered area of ​​the north west coast near her home.

Haidee said, “I think it’s important to protect the environment and these unique habitats for the plants, animals and people who live there. I used to worry about climate change, but taking appropriate action has helped me feel more optimistic about the future. The reality is that we all have to play our part in protecting the environment, otherwise it will deteriorate further.

Haidee Bailey, from Preston, received a scholarship from Edge Hill University for her commitment to conservation, including her work at Fylde.

During his three years of volunteering at Reserva, Haide helped found the organization, gave talks on their behalf, and raised funds by organizing a rainforest run, a frog naming contest, and a concert. for preservation.

Reserva’s Founder and Executive Director, Callie Broaddus, said, “Haidee’s extraordinary commitment to our mission is complemented by her kind personality, meeting contributions and absolute perseverance.

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To protect the Fylde sand dunes, Haidee got her hands dirty, digging ponds, planting grasses and clearing invasive species on the dunes to protect against erosion.

Haidee has been involved with Reserva since she was 16 and also volunteers to protect the Fylde sand dunes.

She said: “In Fylde we have made a real difference by taking practical steps to improve the area. We protect this very unique and important area of ​​the coast which is home to many species of plants and animals.

To support his conservation work and help him with his studies, Edge Hill awarded him a merit entrance scholarship worth several thousand dollars.

Haidee commented, “I was really surprised and didn’t expect to get the scholarship at all. I will use the money to fund my trip when I volunteer, which will help me keep doing all these projects.

To protect Fylde’s sand dunes, Haidee dug ponds, planted grasses and removed invasive species.