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News: NATO Summit 2022, 28-Jun-2022


NATO leaders meet in Madrid, Spain to discuss important issues facing the Alliance. The Madrid Summit will set NATO’s strategic direction for the next decade and beyond, ensuring the Alliance continues to adapt to a changing world and provide security for its billion people.

Summit in a nutshell

  • Who: Heads of State and Government of NATO member countries and key partners
  • What: Meeting to discuss the most pressing security issues of today and tomorrow, and to endorse NATO’s new Strategic Concept
  • Where: Madrid, Spain
  • When: June 29-30, 2022
  • Why: To ensure that NATO continues to fulfill its primary purpose and greatest responsibility: to ensure the collective defense of its member countries and to ensure the security of our billion people

The host country

Did you know?

Madrid hosted a NATO summit 25 years ago on July 8-9, 1997.

One of the notable decisions taken by NATO leaders at this summit was to invite the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland – the first post-Cold War member countries – to begin talks on membership with NATO.

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Spain is hosting the 2022 NATO summit in a banner year – the 40th anniversary of its NATO membership.

Spain became the 16th country to join NATO on May 30, 1982. The newest member brought a lot to the table by joining the 33-year-old Alliance – not only its military capabilities and its vital geostrategic position for defense of Western Europe (positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean), but also its diplomatic competence and its political relations with Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Eventually, a Spanish diplomat would serve as Secretary General of NATO, guiding the Alliance through its first major peacekeeping operation and its transition from a Cold War organization to a security organization. fully flexible engaged with new partners and prepared for new threats and challenges.

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Strategic Concept 2022

At the Madrid summit, NATO will adopt its new strategic concept.

This key document reaffirms NATO’s values, purpose and tasks. It provides a collective assessment of the security challenges facing the Alliance and outlines the political and military tasks NATO will undertake to meet them.

The Strategic Concept is the result of internal consultation among Allies and external engagement with partners, other international organizations, expert communities, youth organizations, civil society and the private sector.

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