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Norway keeps diplomatic doors open in Russia


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is continuously assessing the security situation for personnel at our three stations in Russia,” ministry spokesman Siri R Svensen said in a comment to the Barents Observer.

Putin’s war on Ukraine has sparked tensions across Europe not seen since World War II, and foreign businesses and citizens are fleeing Moscow and other Russian cities.

Norway is keeping its embassy in Moscow open, as well as the general consulates in Murmansk and Saint Petersburg. But diplomatic offices are on high alert.

“Measures have been taken to strengthen preparedness in case the situation worsens,” informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The introduction of harsh Western sanctions against Russia has sparked reactions among many Russians.

The Consulate General of Norway in Murmansk confirms having received “certain remarks” on social networks. But given the safety of its consular staff, the ministry stresses that “we do not want to comment on possible threats”.

The past few days have seen several comments on VK, the Russian social network, against the country and its Consulate General.


In a message on the VK page “Murmansk – Stolitsa Arktiki”, the administrators of the page indirectly call for protests from the Consulate General of Norway. Several users are commenting aggressively on the post, and one user is even calling for action against consulate staff.

In a post on Regional Governor Andrei Chibis’ VK page, a user asks the regional head for a comment on the allegedly planned protests against the Consulate General. The message is not answered by Chibis.