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Philippine consulate mourns death of nurse in Times Square



The Philippine Consulate General was raging on Saturday after news of the death of a Filipino nurse after being run over by a man in Times Square.

Maria Ambrocio, 58, was taken off life support on Saturday after suffering a head injury after being run over in Times Square by Jermaine Foster, 26, who was running away after stealing someone’s cell phone, according to The New York Times.

The injury occurred on Friday, as Ambrocio was walking through Times Square with her friend, who is also Filipino, according to a Facebook post of the Consulate General. She had just visited the Philippine Consulate General in New York.

Foster, after hitting Ambrocio and pushing her to the ground, collided with a police officer who then arrested him, according to the Times. He was charged with murder and theft.

The Consulate General said Ambrocio is “the latest victim of disturbed individuals at large in New York,” adding that she was overthrown by “someone who has been described as homeless with a mental disorder.”

New York City recently saw a number of people with serious, untreated mental illnesses apprehended for illegal acts, according to the Times, including pushing other people into the subway, killing homeless people and assaulting people.

The Philippine Consulate General said it had joined efforts calling on authorities to “take the necessary steps” to protect the public from anti-Asian hate incidents that have targeted Filipinos, or “kababayan,” including increased visibility of the police.

“At the beginning of January, we saw several of our kababayan, mostly elderly people, violently assaulted by people with mental health problems,” added the consulate general.

The Consulate General also said he had supported calls to address mental health issues, especially for the homeless.

“We reiterate these appeals as we mourn our loss, but we also ask ourselves: how many more Maria Ambrocios do we have to mourn before the streets are made safe again? added the Consulate General.

Ambrocio was a nurse at the Bayonne medical center and had worked throughout the pandemic, according to the Times. She had worked at the hospital for 25 years.

Foster was also arrested in September for forcibly touching after allegedly groping a 30-year-old woman in Times Square, according to the Times. He was finally released.

He allegedly broke into an apartment in New York’s clothing district on Friday, smashed furniture and ordered the 30-year-old owner to pay him money, according to the Times. He left the scene after she paid him $ 15. He was charged with theft and burglary for this incident.

The Hill has contacted the Legal Aid Society, where a lawyer represents Foster, for comment.



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