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Special BEST buses to run in Mumbai to celebrate 30 years of Indo-Israeli relations


In order to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day and to mark the anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Israel, the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai has taken a ground-breaking initiative by launching a special communications.

Within this framework, 10 BEST buses were specially decorated with an emphasis on Indo-Israeli cooperation in the fields of agriculture and water. These buses will run on the streets of Mumbai for the next month. A local commuter train on Central Railways will also join them soon.

The first bus was inaugurated on Thursday by the Consulate General of Israel in West Central India, Kobbi Shoshani, who traveled from Maharana Pratap Chowk Mazgaon to the Central Depot in Mumbai with his colleagues from the Consulate General of Israel. Not only that, they also distributed gift baskets to fellow passengers and staff on the bus and further briefed them on the budding bilateral relations between the two countries.

30 years of Indo-Israeli relations

Notably, even though India established full diplomatic relations with Israel in January 1992, a consulate was established in Mumbai in the 1950s. It played a major role in bringing the peoples of the two countries closer together. In this regard, another initiative was taken to celebrate the Indo-Israeli ties in January 2022. To celebrate the occasion, the India Gate in Mumbai was illuminated in the colors of the national flags of the two countries.

Meanwhile, speaking on the day, Consulate General Kobbi Shoshani called himself “proud Mumbaikar” for the past nine months.

“I have visited this city several times in the past since 1992 and witnessed its changing horizons. The mutual love and affection between the people of Israel and India is the greatest strength of this special relationship. It is important for us to reach out to people and involve them in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Indo-Israeli relations and Israel’s Independence Day,” he said. he declares.

Shoshani also informed that a social media campaign is planned around the buses and the train will also be launched soon. Pendant ce temps, les bus spéciaux qui peuvent être vus se promener dans les rues de Mumbai portent des slogans comme “प्राचीन सभ्यताए, आधुनिक राष्ट्र” et “भारत-इजराइल दोस्ती के तीस स साल बेमिसाल” qui se traduit par “civilisations anciens, nations Modern” and “”Thirty Years of Unparalleled Indo-Israeli Friendship”.

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