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The 150 Bulgarians stranded at Frankfurt airport have returned home – Novinite.com



Over 150 Bulgarians are stranded in Frankfurt airport

the Wizz Air plane with 150 Bulgarian citizens on board successfully landed in Bulgaria. He took off from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport almost a day late. While the flight was repeatedly delayed for various reasons, passengers spent almost 10 hours inside the plane and the rest of the time at the airport. The Bulgarian consulate in Frankfurt assisted them with food, water and medicine.

Employees of our Consulate General in Frankfurt provided our compatriots with basic necessities: water, food and hygiene products.

150 passengers on a Frankfurt-Hahn-Sofia flight spent the night on the plane they were supposed to take to Sofia. Wizz AirThe flight was repeatedly delayed with various explanations.

At first they were told the flight would be delayed for 30 minutes because the runway was icy. After half an hour, they postponed take-off because the plane was frozen.

Then they had to wait again to clean the runway – at least according to the crew’s explanation.

Finally, they never took off, and there was no one at the airport to open the doors and allow passengers to exit the aircraft.

People had to stay there until 7 a.m.

There are also 12 babies among the passengers.

the Bulgarians the intention to continue Wizz Air collectively, as well as to demand compensation. The airline did not respond to questions about the case.

They asked our Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information on the state of our compatriots, as well as for basic necessities to be delivered urgently by our Consulate General.