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The Ministry of Immigration is preparing to decongest prisons thanks to repatriations


The Central Region Office of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has revealed that it will embark on a repatriation exercise next week targeting irregular migrants who have served their custodial sentences in Malawi prisons.

The exercise will likely decongest prisons, which are currently operating beyond capacity.

“The Central Regional Immigration Office has been engaged on several occasions to intervene in the situation at Maula Correctional Facility, which currently has over 3,000 inmates. The reception and repatriation of such a large number of irregular migrants in our prisons drains a lot of resources that could have contributed to the national development of the country,” said Zulu.

He added, “As such, nationalism and patriotism has been a key message to all Malawians to stop aiding and abetting illegal immigrants as they also pose a security threat to their communities. the nationality”.

Zulu said that despite insufficient resources to meet the challenge head-on, the leadership opted for a mechanism of inter-state consultations on migration and also for the engagement of international partners.

He said the first cohort comprising 114 Ethiopian nationals is expected to be repatriated out of Malawi via Kamuzu International Airport on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, fully sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“As of Wednesday May 25, statistics from Maula Jail and Kachere Jail Young Offenders on irregular migrants in immigration custody are close to 300 who have breached immigration laws and the numbers include at both detention and pre-trial detention. In this regard, the Department of Immigration warns all perpetrators involved in this syndicate to have aided and abetted in the strongest possible terms that once caught in malpractice, the long arm of the law will run its course. Zulu explained.

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