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US Consulate in Nigeria to mark World Press Freedom Day with month-long activities


The United States is preparing to mark World Press Freedom Day 2022 with month-long activities.
The US Consulate in Nigeria said it is committed to upholding freedom of the press, freedom of information and access to factual and accurate information provided by independent media, which is fundamental to transparency and accountability in any democratic society.

The U.S. Consulate General, in conjunction with the Media Career Development Network, will mark World Press Freedom Day this year with several events from May 10-27.
Activities will begin on May 10 with a screening and panel discussion of the documentary “Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People” at Ikeja American Corner. Likewise, the documentary will be screened on May 19 in front of a large audience in Port Harcourt, as revealed by Yayou.
The documentary “Joseph Pulitzer: The Voice of the People” shows how the remarkable man behind the prestigious Pulitzer Prize became one of America’s most admired newspaper publishers and an advocate for press freedom.
On May 17, journalists and editors will participate in a fact-checking workshop that will help build their capacity, deepen their professional knowledge and equip them with the skills to conduct investigations, identify reliable sources and verify information. .
Participants will also discuss issues, challenges and opportunities for local media to play a greater role in helping the public identify misinformation and disinformation campaigns.
On May 24, there will be a roundtable on press freedom on the theme: “Journalism under digital siege: the impact of the digital age on freedom of expression, safety of journalists, access information and privacy”.
The theme of the roundtable highlights the growing role of technology, which can be used not only to spread information faster and further than ever before, but also to spread disinformation and misinformation.
The month-long press freedom activities will culminate on May 27 with a reception honoring journalists who fight corruption, hold government to account and expose abuse and injustice, often at great cost. personal risks.
Speaking on the commemoration activities for the 29th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, US Consulate Public Affairs Officer Stephen Ibelli noted that the events will give journalists an opportunity to discuss the state of press freedom, protection of journalists and citizens’ rights to an impartial hearing. , precise information.
“The United States considers a free press a foundation of democratic governance. We believe that a free press should be encouraged to keep citizens properly informed and actively engaged in issues that affect them in order to hold government and other institutions accountable to the public,” Ibelli added.
Journalists, editors, students and faculty members of journalism schools as well as representatives of media development organizations interested in attending one of the events are encouraged to register using this link: https: //bit.ly/2022WPFD